May 212011

Not surprisingly, the Creator of time executes His will with perfect timing, and if we wait on Him, He will manifest His glory in everyday life.

For example, I was at the Disney Resort in Anaheim last weekend as a guest of one of the over 150 employees of, the popular online software training and tutorial video library where subscribers can learn digital photography, web design, spreadsheets, optimizing smart phones, and much more. The company had generously provided an overnight stay at Disney’s Grand Californian, and park-hopper tickets.

The spirit of love, appreciation, kindness and caring expressed toward its employee family was so strong, that I felt compelled to speak to co-founders Lynda Weinman and husband Bruce Heavin, especially when I saw that our tables were adjacent at the festive banquet they provided. At first I was just going to get up and briefly talk with them, but when I asked the gal who invited me, she suggested waiting. With 300 or more in attendance, many approached them, even as they tried to eat.

After the meal, more wanted to talk with them, and our group wanted to get going, so I didn’t really give up on talking with them, but cheerfully deferred to my friend’s preference. After all, I don’t know everything about everything!

Next morning, as part of the celebration package, we received early entry into Disneyland an hour before it opened. During what Disney calls “magic morning,” hundreds, even thousands are in the park, but not nearly the numbers that flood in when the gates open.

So who do you think gets into line right behind us at Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride? Yep, you guessed it! And as Lynda’s husband Bruce took our picture, I pondered the mathematical probability of coming into such close proximity in a park with so many time/space options.

It was so natural and comfortable to turn around and quietly say what I had wanted to the night before – how the events of these two days had given me a glimpse into the heart of, and how impressed I was with the way they treated their employees, and that I thought God would bless that kind of corporate spirit.

Perfect timing!

God existed before time and created time (2 Timothy 1:9 says, “…according to His own purpose and grace which was given to us in Christ Jesus before time began,”). Our times are in His hands (see Psalm 31:15). Knowing this, as a Thinking Christian Woman, you can trust Him and wait on Him to choreograph the details of your life so that you can have the time of your life during this earthly journey!

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  4 Responses to “It’s about time! … a wait-y tale”

  1. I like the way God plays with time- and works out meetings and such.

  2. (Insert "It's a Small World After All" pun) Lynda and Bruce came right behind us in that line! Perfect timing is right! It seemed God wanted Lynda to really hear what you had to say. If you had gone up to her at the banquet, it most likely would have gotten diluted with the chatter of the evening.

    The whole weekend at disneyland seemed to be so choreographed, better than planned.

    On Friday night, waiting for the fireworks show, a voice announced, "Tonight's firework show has been…….canceled" which prompted us to go instead to Tower of Terror, where we were (by no exaggeration) the last people in line that night. After walking back from Tower of Terror, we met Chester, a janitorial cast member, who stopped what he was doing to talk to us, speaking in rhyme, yes, the whole time. And if that wasn't enough, he got to the deep stuff…and began mentioning His name – giving Jesus all the fame.
    Our last night, we waited "in line" for the amazing (and, yes, absolutely wonderful) World of Color show, which was the perfect finale to such a grand disney weekend. When we started to wait for the show, we saw our Chester friend walking by and immediately started calling his name. Sure enough, it was another instance of perfect rhyming, an experience of God's splendid timing!

    World of Color was also a God surprise. That night was bizarrely cold, and windy. I didn't expect it would be worth waiting an hour in (what southern Californians consider) freezing, uncomfortable, near-death weather. In my cold head I thought, "stupid water and light show! making me wait…."
    But finally, the hour of waiting ended, and the show erupted and my bitter mind was humbled. I was now in awe of this magnificent water and light show. The gal next to me took off her jacket and buttoned it around me, burrito style, and put her hat over my hood. To my left and to my right I was being hugged. With four arms wrapped around me I watched in wonder at the surprisingly good show. It turns out it was worth the cold wait.

    Reflecting on that night, I remember that even after my bitter ungratefulness, I was graced with such kindness. Even in the wretched cold, a friend gave her jacket to me. Even in my wretched sin, Christ gave His life for me.

    Water, light, and music barely begin to express the extent of God's glory, but I suppose it's the best we humans can do for right now.

  3. The last paragraph was exactly what I need to read! 🙂 Thanks Melody!

  4. Glad to hear that Tiffany! God is good!

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