Sep 222011

Mourning doves frequent this yard, often scratching for fallen seed in the soft ground under the bird feeder. They grace the days with their gentle, drawn-out calls.

Working at the desk recently, just steps from the bird feeder, with office door open and heard a strange flapping sound. Twice thought the neighbors were working on something. The third time, stepped out to investigate.

Two doves immediately took flight, their wings whistling, leaving their stricken comrade, seemingly trapped.


Got a towel, gently covered its head and wings for calm control, then discovered one foot twisted up in frayed landscape fabric.




With scissors and knife, I unraveled the fabric and liberated the foot, while my fine feathered friend remained calm and trusting in my thin towel grasp.



Once all traces of bondage were removed, I released the patient, who quickly flew to a nearby wire, then out of sight.


“This day in history”  – sometimes I like to read the current date’s journal entry from previous years. Last year around this time I had a dream in which a peregrine falcon got his foot caught in something and was frantically trying to fly away. I knew helping him barehanded could be dangerous, so I got a towel, gloves and goggles and determined to speak gently to him, cover him with the towel (something my nature-savvy brother Max taught me), and free the foot.

Lord – first You had me dream it, then You had me actually do it – What does this mean? I’m listening!

I know that sometimes, even when we’re just going along minding our own business, we can get so tangled up in things that we need someone to help us unravel the mess and regain our freedom (a la Lazarus and the grave clothes).

Do you have any thoughts or insights you’d be willing to share about what the love messages from the Lord might be in this dream and experience? I’d appreciate hearing!

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  3 Responses to “Free as a bird – a dream come true”

  1. Of course I especially loved reading this one because of my love for mourning doves (I believe I even may have “met” the one you freed.) To me, this shows once again how God customizes our blessings: the things He knows mean most to us. The fact that your dream came true in such a real way seems an example of this. I look forward to future such good lessons. Thanks, Melody.

    • Just thinking that God “customizes our blessings” makes me smile. That phrase keeps coming back to me. Thank you for planting such a sweet thought in my mind!

  2. Saved as being a favourite, I truly like your website!

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